New Evidence In San Myshuno Murder

The city of San Myshuno was shocked when Lieutenant Christian Sawyer was gunned down on the job several years ago. His body was discovered by a jogger one early morning in Myshuno Meadows. Despite the best efforts of the police department, the case quickly went cold and no one was ever charged.

09-04-17_8-22-51 PM
Memorial for Lt. Christian Sawyer

Lt. Sawyer’s daughter followed in her father’s footsteps and recently transferred to the San Myshuno PD from Brindleton Bay to investigate cold cases, including her father’s. This week, Detective Sabrina Sawyer held a press conference to announce the discovery of new evidence in her father’s case. “With the advancement of technology, especially concerning DNA processing, new evidence in the murder of Lt. Christian Sawyer has been uncovered,” she told reporters. “As many of you know, he was my father. He was investigating drug trafficking here in San Myshuno when he was murdered in the park. No one was ever charged and every person of interest at the time was cleared. Based on this new evidence, the case has been reopened and is now an active homicide case. To the person responsible, the San Myshuno Police Department is closer than ever to finding you. My father will have justice and the streets of this city will be safe again.”


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