Day 9 – Hiking Trip (Lookbook)

Granite Falls is gorgeous at the beginning of fall so Tiffanie and Wolfgang decided to take a vacation. Packing up the Jeep and driving to the campgrounds didn’t take too long at all and Jesse was remarkably well behaved. For their first day setting up camp, Tiffanie paired a long sleeved baseball t-shirt with her favorite pair of shorts and a sturdy pair of hiking boots. A knit beanie and a backpack with all the essentials completes her look and makes for a perfect hike through the forest.

09-10-17_10-07-29AM09-10-17_10-37-45 AM.png09-10-17_10-44-41AM.png

Top, shorts, socks & boots – Maxis

Hair – Nightcrawler Sims
Hat – Devilicious
Watch & bracelets – Maxis
Backpack – Jennisims

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