Happy Graduation!

Sims are clearly in a different time zone than the real world, because a whole bunch of teenagers just aged up and you know what that means? Graduation! In November!

Growing up means future plans and moving out and going to university for most sims. Here’s what you can expect from the class of November 2017.

11-11-17_3-36-01 PM

NAOMI LANDGRAAB – Naomi is attending Windenburg University to get her law degree. She’s already been accepted into a prestigious sorority house (naturally) and has moved out of her parents’ house. John and Beth are immensely proud of their daughter.

OTIS VILLAREAL – Otis is also attending W.U. (WOO! WOO!) which makes it easy for he and Naomi to stay together. Otis plans to work for a pharmaceutical company after he earns his degree, so that lawyer girlfriend might come in handy.

11-11-17_8-33-52 PM

LEXI ROCKWELL – Although graduation was bittersweet after the death of her father, Lexi plans to carry on his legacy in technology. She’s also attending W.U. for computer engineering and hopes to eventually take over Rocktech, the company founded by her grandfather.

11-12-17_8-18-21 AM

COLT BRENNAN – Colt plans to move to Brindleton Bay with his girlfriend. He’s been offered a job at the Brindleton Daily News as a journalist.

SABRINA SAWYER – Just like her father, Sabrina has chosen to join the police force. Although her dream is to work for the San Myshuno P.D., she’s been offered a place at the Brindleton Bay P.D. and that’s a great place to start.

Other graduates (not pictured) include:

ANNALISE WALDEN – Already a famous actress, Annalise plans to move to San Myshuno to make it easier for her to get work.

ADDISYN WALDEN – Addisyn plans to attend the film school at Windenburg University. She may have been an actress as a child but her true passion is filmmaking.

Once again, congratulations to the class of November 2017!

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