Brindleton Bay Home Vandalized

Two residents of Brindleton Bay woke to an unpleasant surprise Tuesday morning when they discovered someone had vandalized the inside and outside of their home. BBPD was called to the scene, led by new detective Sabrina Sawyer.

“Obviously it’s shocking when something like this happens,” Det. Sawyer told reporters. “But rest assured we are doing everything in our power to apprehend the suspects.”

11-15-17_5-40-03 AM
Detective Sawyer collects a witness statement.

Nothing was stolen from the home, but the floors and the lawn outside were covered in llama and gnome graffiti. Officers collected evidence for several hours, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for evidence.

11-15-17_5-46-57 AM
Analyzing evidence collected from the scene.

“When it comes to finding the perpetrators, collecting and processing evidence properly is the key,” officers told us. “If anything is mishandled, then we can lose a case.” Detective Sawyer’s father, Christian, was a detective with the San Myshuno PD, and she follows in his footsteps when it comes to approaching cases logically.

11-15-17_5-51-06 AM
Reviewing the evidence.


Early Wednesday morning, an APB was issued for the suspect and she was apprehended at a park in Oasis Springs. Micaela Whitman, a teenager, was accused of vandalizing the home and brought in for questioning. After several hours in the interrogation room, Ms. Whitman admitted to spray painting the home on a dare. She is awaiting sentencing.

11-15-17_6-39-46 AM
Detective Sawyer presents the evidence to Ms. Whitman.
11-15-17_6-39-34 AM
Micaela Whitman cannot deny the overwhelming evidence and confesses.

“We are happy to report the vandal is in custody and is awaiting sentencing,” the Brindleton Bay Police Department said in a statement. “Detective Sawyer and her team were able to apprehend the suspect very quickly and this sends a message to any criminals in Brindleton Bay that their crimes will not be tolerated.”

This was Sabrina Sawyer’s first case.

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