The New Goth

11-18-17_5-38-21 PM

The Old Salt House has been in the Spice Market district of San Myshuno for as long as anyone can remember. This fall, it was renovated from a rundown, abandoned shack into an art gallery by local artist Harlow Goth. Harlow created a name for herself when she moved to San Myshuno from Blythe Harbor and began working under Rowena Van Elise, the most famous artist ever to come from the city. Upon Rowena’s death, that title passed down to Harlow, who has been a critical and commercial darling for 25 years.

Keaton, Harlow, James, Henrietta
The Rockwells at their family home in Blythe Harbor.

Harlow was born into the prominent Rockwell family. Her mother, Henrietta, was a celebrity chef with her own cooking show and line of cookbooks. Her father James was the founder of the massively successful tech company Rocktech. To say she was born into privilege would be an understatement, but her parents hadn’t come from money and were determined to raise their children to be kind and giving. Harlow had an older brother, Ryder, who passed away earlier this month, and two younger brothers, Keaton (now the CEO of Rocktech) and Adam (who is currently attending Windenburg University). The family was always tight-knit and Henrietta encouraged her daughter’s artistic talents from an early age. Henrietta bought Harlow her first easel for her sixteenth birthday and she still has it at home. Many of her earliest paintings were created on that exact easel.

Hanging out at school
Harlow at age 16

Shortly after high school, Harlow moved to the city with her best friend (and Ice Cream Headache lead singer) Malia Damico. They moved into a small apartment in the Spice District right across the street from the Old Salt House. It was there that she reconnected with her first and only husband, Alex Goth. They had met a couple of years previously at a club, where Harlow had too much to drink and Alex carried her to the hospital himself, or so the story goes. Alex is a prolific science fiction writer but at the time he was also working in Rowena Van Elise’s art collective. It didn’t take long for the two to fall in love, and they had a winter wedding at the Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg with both the Rockwell and Goth families in attendance.

04-02-17_6-02-32 PM

04-02-17_6-25-39 PM
Bella, Cassandra, Mortimer, Alex, Harlow, Ryder, Keaton, Katie, Tiffanie
11-18-17_6-20-43 PM
Harlow and Alex got matching tattoos on their honeymoon. His reads “Until”

A few years later, Harlow gave birth to the couple’s son, Henry, named after Harlow’s mother. She gave up her job managing a small local gallery to raise him and continued painting, often selling her work to private collectors. Just before her longtime friend Rowena’s death, Harlow discovered she was pregnant again. She named her daughter Rowena to honor Van Elise’s memory.

04-08-17_8-35-21 PM
Harlow, Alex, and newborn Henry

As the children got older, Harlow began to immerse herself back into the art world. A couple of private showings and commissions led to the opportunity for the Goths to open their own gallery. Although most people expected Harlow to open it in the Arts Quarter, where she and Alex had lived for most of Henry’s infancy, she chose instead to open it in the Spice Market because it was her first home in San Myshuno and she had always loved the Old Salt House.

11-18-17_5-46-31 PM
Harlow’s workshop

After months of construction and finishing paintings, Harlow finally opened the doors to her new gallery. It was a wild success, and she sold $45 000 worth of paintings in ten hours. Her art runs the gamut from classical paintings to pop art and surrealism, although she says the latter is her absolute favorite. In addition to selling her paintings, Harlow offers classes and paint nights several times a week, passing her knowledge on to the next generation of artists just as Rowena Van Elise did many years ago.




The Old Salt Gallery is open from 10AM to 6PM every day and will be hosting a Christmas Masquerade Ball on December 1st. Admission is free and Harlow will lead a paint night.

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